Unión La Calera appoint Raúl Toro as new coach

‘The Red One’ has teamed up with Chile’s premier English language media group ‘I Love Chile‘ to provide even more news and comment on Chilean football. 

After Emiliano Astorga presented his resignation, the leaders of Unión La Calera required long meetings to finally decide on Raúl Toro as the new coach of the “cementeros”. He signed for a year along with César Contreras, the physical trainer, but before picking him there were negotiations with sacked Colo Colo coach Ivo Basay as well as José Basualdo.

Toro once wore the club uniform when he played in it on 1981 so he considers this to be a good opportunity and a nice reunion with his old team. He knows some of the players and what they have accomplished but since they have made it to the playoffs the only thing to do now is keep on going.

Besides, after the departure of the Argentinian attackers Lucas Simón and Ariel Cólzera, the new coach said he had to look for a midfielder and one or two attackers. One possible prospect for the midfielder position next semester is Sebastián González, from San Lorenzo de Almagro, Argentina.

As for the resignation of Emiliano Astorga, he wrote in a press release that he was leaving because of unpaid wages and bonuses that amounted to over 10 million pesos (US$20,000) and that there was a lack of resources so he could not carry out his work properly.

However, the football club denied every accusation made by Astorga, claiming that if there was ever a delay on the payouts it was always inside the term of payment, which is the 15th of every month. Also, the institution feels hurt because the way things turned out, they say there was no reason to soil the reputation of the club that fostered him. And as for the lack of resources, the soccer club said Astorga joined in with the same resources there are now, so he knew what he was getting into.

Despite the lack of resources, the cementeros managed to reach the playoffs after finishing seventh in the regular season. Their campaign came to an end when they were defeated by O’Higgins in the quarter finals.

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One comment on “Unión La Calera appoint Raúl Toro as new coach

  1. Jovan says:

    congrats on the alliance, fully deserved

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