Sampaoli’s Century

‘The Red One’ has teamed up with Chile’s premier English language media group ‘I Love Chile‘ to provide even more news and comment on Chilean football.

O’Higgins dealt Universidad de Chile coach Jorge Sampaoli a defeat in his 100th game in charge of the club; a play-off final first-leg. Here Daniel Boyle takes a look at the stats surrounding his first 99 games at the helm of La U . . .

Coach Jorge Sampaoli will reach the mark of one hundred games at the helm of Universidad de Chile when “La U” take on O’Higgins in the first leg of the 2012 Apertura final tomorrow, Thursday June 28. The team that the Argentine assembled at the beginning of 2011 has dominated the Chilean scene, winning both the Apertura and Clausura tournaments in 2011, as well as the club’s first international triumph, the Copa Sudamericana.

Sampaoli’s story at “La U” started on January 29, 2011, when they played against La Serena and tied 1-1. Considering that game and the players who performed against Colo Colo on Sunday,there are five familiar names: Johnny Herrera, Matías Rodríguez, José Rojas, Charles Aránguiz and Guillermo Marino.

There have been 7 official tournaments: Apertura 2011, Clausura 2011, Copa Chile 2011, Pre-Sudamericana 2011, Copa Sudamericana 2011, Copa Libertadores 2012 and Apertura 2012.

From the 99 matches, Sampaoli has a 73.06% efficiency rate with 65 victories, 22 ties and 16 defeats.

According to statistics by Chilean newspaper La Tercera, Universidad de Chile has scored 206 goals, with an average of 2.1 per match. In 13 matches the azules failed to score, while their opposition scored 83 goals against them.

During this period 27 players have scored. The order of strikers is Eduardo Vargas (29 goals),
Gustavo Canales (19), Matías Rodríguez (16), Fransisco Castro (14), Junior Fernandes (14), Ángelo Henríquez (14) and Gabriel Vargas (12).

Since Sampaoli took over 44 players have worn the blue jersey of Universidad de Chile. Jhonny Herrera (95 matches) has appeared for the most games, followed by Charles Aránguiz (83), Eugenio Mena (83), José Rojas (82), Matías Rodríguez (80) and Marcelo Díaz (77).

As leader of Los Azules, Sampaoli has faced 33 clubs. Against four of these teams they could not achieve victory: Iquique (3 ties), Libertad (2 ties, though they won on penalties), Boca Juniors (1 tie and 1 defeat) and Magallanes (1 tie and 1 defeat).

They have 7 victories against Unión Española in as many games. Alongside the hispanos, the teams they have confronted the most are Universidad Católica, Cobreloa and San Felipe. La U has two victories against the “Cruzados”, two ties and three defeats. Against the “Loínos” it has six victories and one tie and against San Felipe, five victories, one tie and one defeat.

Sampaoli’s “U” faced 12 foreign opponents. Against ten of them “La U” won at least one match. Their dreams of Copa Libertadores glory came to a crushing end, losing to Boca Juniors in the Copa Libertadores semifinal.

The future of Sampaoli in the coaching box remains uncertain as offers continue to flow in from all over the world. If Universidad de Chile are able to win the 2012 Apertura, Sampaoli will become the second most successful coach at the club. Of their 15 titles, Luis Alamos won four during the “Ballet Azul” era, winning in 1959, 1962, 1964 and 1965.

This article originally appeared at I Love Chile.


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