ANFP confirm a new division is to be entered into the league system

Chilean domestic football is to see a new division added to the league system in 2012 with the creation of a professional third division; the ‘Segunda División’, below the Primera División and Primera B.

The move was approved by the ANFP (Asociación Nacional de Fútbol Profesional) when the Presidents Council met yesterday (22 November).

Currently Tercera (Third) A and B are directly below the Primera Divisións and are amateur leagues. However the new ‘Segunda División’ would be under the control of ANFP, the country’s professional association.

The new league will consist of six ‘subsidiaries’ from the Primera División, i.e. reserve teams – similar to that in Spain and Germany – and six others teams that can comply with the guidelines imposed by the ANFP. Copiapó and Melipilla are two teams expected to take a place in the new league while the remaining four places will be given to clubs who can meet conditions set out by the ANFP, set around finance and infrastructure.

A ‘quirk’ to the league is that all players registered must be under the age of 25.

The winners of the division will be promoted to Primera B and the bottom team relegated to Tercera A.