TRO on the Road

Here you will find links to all the work The Red One has had published on other websites:


December 8 2011 – Lovely Left Foot: Universidad de Chile – 5 to watch

December 31 2011 – In Bed With Maradona: El Bielsa de los Pobres

January 27 2012 – In Bed With Maradona: Previewing the Chilean Apertura

March 27 2012 – Chile’s Copa Libertadores Hopes In The Balance

April 12 2012 – Carlos Tapia Leads Colo Colo Overhaul

April 19 2012 – The Dani Alves of Argentina? Matias Rodriguez could be the perfect international foil for Messi on the right flank

July 6 2012 – French Football Weekly: Emanuel Herrera heir to the Giroud throne

July 12 2012 – In Bed With Maradona: Future Kings of Chilean Football


February 2 2012 – Lovely Left Foot: Tevez is a massive bellend

February 6 2012 – The World Football Pod: Paraguay/Chile

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